My daily morning headaches have returned, and I can’t quite figure it out. I’m not really anxious or more stressed than usual.

I truly do believe that they are psychosomatic many times, but I am frustrated not to be able to suss out the root cause.

I have felt lately that I’ve lost my “neutral” state. Like, I totally do feel happiness and joy; I laugh easily and feel so grateful when I’m with my kids or husband. I also feel anger and sadness when appropriate.. but, I feel like my baseline used to be kind of neutral—sort of easygoing, energetic, but neither happy nor sad. And now, I feel like my baseline is a little on the depressed side. I’m not sure why or what to do with that.

Day 141.

Published by Quitter

I’m a college professor, wife, and mother of 2 small kids. I’m on a recovery journey 20 years in the making.

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