Day 3.

Day 3 was sloppy. I’m at the end of the day, sitting in bed, having brushed my teeth and knowing that I did in fact “make it,” but it wasn’t pretty. I’ve been trying to figure out what sets me “off” for this feeling, and I honestly think it’s when I eat breakfast when I first wake up. It’s like I start the day with a fullness and just go from there.

I’m typically not a breakfast eater—or, I should say, I typically eat my breakfast around 10, which is about 4 hours after I wake up. Then, my breakfast feels almost like a brunch, which delays my lunch until later in the day and makes it possible for me to eat a late dinner with my husband most days. Plus, I prefer to work out on an empty stomach.

So, this morning I woke up and had my breakfast first thing, and it just kind of threw the whole day off. I was not famished for lunch by 12 when we decided to go out for post-church pizza with the kids, but I ate anyhow and continued that too-full feeling. Then, by the time dinner actually rolled around, I was feeling bloated and disgusting and didn’t make the good choices I’d usually make.

Honestly, I would love to just purge right now and be rid of it all. But, I won’t. I’ll sit in the discomfort of my choices and see if I can learn something from them. After all, tomorrow is a new day.

Day 3.

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