I’m considering today a success, having eaten FOUR pieces of baklava as my entire food intake thus far today (it’s 3PM). Now, I didn’t plan on eating baklava at all, but it is one of the (many) desserts that I simply cannot resist. We have a student group on campus that orders the MOST AMAZING food from this Mediterranean restaurant a couple times a year, and this morning I found an entire tray leftover. So, I had one piece and then decided I wanted another, and then truly listened to my body later in the day when it screamed that it wanted another two for lunch.

Balanced? Healthy? No. Certainly not. But, it’s what I wanted, and I found that I really wasn’t hungry for much of anything else as the day wears on. I’ll eat a good rounded dinner with my husband tonight, but it looks like breakfast, lunch, and snacks have been taken up by baklava.

I realize that in the past I would have eaten not 4 but 14 pieces until I felt sick, and then made myself sick. Or, I would have denied myself any, or would have eaten a single piece and then obsessed over the rest of the tray for the rest of the day. So, while eating 4 pieces of baklava in a single day is probably not considered a success in any other circles, to me, sitting with an ED, it feels like a minor victory. And man, it was so good. Every piece. Just delectable.

Day 9.

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