I try to embrace intuitive eating. This is challenging for me, since the last time I really ate intuitively was probably 35 years ago… But, I’m trying to trust my body. This means that some days, I listen to my body and I say, “Seriously? You’re STILL hungry?” and then I keep eating.

Today was one of those days; I could’ve eaten everything in sight. I woke up hungry, and I was hungry before lunch. I was hungry after lunch. I was hungry through all my snacks and even after dinner. I had three bedtime snacks. Now, I’m kind of overly full, but it could very well be all the water I’ve been trying to drink to stave off this hunger.

I don’t know why I’ve been so hungry today. I had a decent workout this morning, but nothing crazy. I had a stomachache yesterday, so I didn’t eat as much as usual, and I think it’s probably just my body’s way of evening that score?

I don’t feel great right now. I’m going to bed knowing that I at a lot today. Like, A LOT. Mostly I made healthy choices, but even a lot of healthy food is still a lot of food. I know that I’ve purged before on these kinds of days, and I know that today I won’t. I listened to my body, even if my brain wondered if she were going absolutely crazy. I’m guessing that tomorrow will be a lighter day again, but for now I’m trying to fight the thoughts that my ED is trying to throw at me…

Day 7.

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