OK, Fine.

“OK, fine.” That’s what I said to my therapist as I begrudgingly agreed that she might be right about my preferred mode of communication with my husband (and all other living, breathing things). I don’t deal well in moments of intense emotion–I typically freeze and just shut down. That makes speaking difficult. I have learnedContinue reading “OK, Fine.”


I don’t necessarily have set-in-stone food triggers for bulimia. Some days I can eat pizza and desserts without feeling a twinge of guilt, and other days I can eat healthily all day and still feel like I would really feel better after a good purge. I realize that’s because my triggers are emotional–when I’m feelingContinue reading “Trigger”


I have never had a great skincare routine. Due to my genetic makeup, I tan beautifully and easily, and I hold those tans for long months. It’s hard not to worship the sun. But, as we established in my recent post (“Old”), I’m not getting any younger. The tiny sunspots have bled into larger sunspots,Continue reading “Skincare”


I have been reading some books about trauma that I don’t entirely agree with, but that scare me nonetheless. I’m waiting on The Body Keeps Score through a library hold, and I’m anxious to see what that book holds. In the meantime, I’ve been reading some books by Dr. Peter Levine–the one who does allContinue reading “Traumas”