My closest friend has struggled with anorexia for a long while. While it helps to feel the solidarity of another successful, intelligent, productive woman struggling with an eating disorder, I always come back to the same thought: It’s really not the same. While I’ve never struggled with anorexia (I used to wish I had theContinue reading “Panic”


I recently watched a class that I taught both via Zoom and in-person. Yeah, it’s hard. Like, nearly impossible. Anyhow, I was surprised to see myself rocking back and forth nearly the entire time I wasn’t speaking. Anytime I was listening to students, fielding questions, or otherwise not actively lecturing, there it was. Back andContinue reading “Movement”

Who, What, When, Where

It’s happened so many times. I’ve assumed that I’ll magically quit this disorder when I meet a new person, move to a new place, start a new job. I’ve met Mr. Right!! I’m so happy that I’m sure this will never happen again! Or, how about this gem: New year, new me! I know IContinue reading “Who, What, When, Where”


I pride myself on being fiercely independent, and most of the time, that’s a good thing. Every book and every therapist out there will insist that recovery cannot take place without a support system–a network of caring friends and family to hold your hand. I don’t entirely buy that. I’ve battled this personal demon forContinue reading “Island”


Some milestones are tiny, seemingly inconsequential. Others are monumental and feel at times utterly insurmountable. Today marks Day 7 on my recovery journey, which doesn’t feel huge, since I’ve been here SO. MANY. times before. But, I’ve just completed a cross-country drive with my kids to visit my parents for 5 days in my childhoodContinue reading “Milestones”