I’m frustrated. About nearly everything. I’m frustrated that I put 110% into everything I do (my choice, I know), and others can get away with (seemingly) not caring. I’m frustrated that I’m known as the person who is always on top of things, who always has the answers and solves the problems. I’m frustrated thatContinue reading “Frustration”


I have been feeling so discouraged lately. Maybe I’d go so far as to say “depressed.” I can’t figure out exactly why, but it’s probably a combination of things. I am over this semester, and so are all my students. The end cannot come quickly enough. The past year has taken an immense emotional tollContinue reading “Discouragement”

The Professor

My therapist insists on calling a certain character from my past “The Professor,” which I find grating and trite, but I can understand the appeal of such a succinct label. He was, not surprisingly, a professor of mine. He was my mentor during graduate school, and I was his… I don’t know. Technically, I wasContinue reading “The Professor”


I don’t know what my lowest of low moments was. There were a lot of lows in my 25 years with bulimia, not surprisingly. As I’ve gained some distance from active purging, I can more objectively see how sad and desperate those moments were—the spiraling hysteria of bingeing and purging. Was my lowest point vomitingContinue reading “Admissions”