Mom II

I don’t know how long this little Mom series might last… it could be awhile. Today I’ve been thinking about some of my major traumatic memories. My mom didn’t necessarily cause all of the trauma, but she didn’t help ease it, either. We have always walked on eggshells around my mother. Everyone’s primary job atContinue reading “Mom II”

Estrangement II

As I was recently wrestling with feelings surrounding my brother’s estrangement from me, I realized that estrangement has permeated our family for as long as I can remember. After my paternal grandmother’s death more than a decade ago, my paternal grandfather went off the rails and refused to talk to anyone in our family. HeContinue reading “Estrangement II”

Confession II

Looks like it’s time for another confession. This is one that I could confess nearly every day for my entire life, or at least every week… I recently watched a colleague of mine give a presentation. She is actually a very good friend. We text frequently and get together for lunches, and we hang outContinue reading “Confession II”