Who, What, When, Where

It’s happened so many times. I’ve assumed that I’ll magically quit this disorder when I meet a new person, move to a new place, start a new job. I’ve met Mr. Right!! I’m so happy that I’m sure this will never happen again! Or, how about this gem: New year, new me! I know IContinue reading “Who, What, When, Where”


I pride myself on being fiercely independent, and most of the time, that’s a good thing. Every book and every therapist out there will insist that recovery cannot take place without a support system–a network of caring friends and family to hold your hand. I don’t entirely buy that. I’ve battled this personal demon forContinue reading “Island”


Some milestones are tiny, seemingly inconsequential. Others are monumental and feel at times utterly insurmountable. Today marks Day 7 on my recovery journey, which doesn’t feel huge, since I’ve been here SO. MANY. times before. But, I’ve just completed a cross-country drive with my kids to visit my parents for 5 days in my childhoodContinue reading “Milestones”