I’ve been thinking of the things I invest in, and how it’s possible that I haven’t invested seriously in recovery lately. I used to feel guilty over spending money–not just because it’s my husband who makes the vast majority of our money, but also because I was raised without having money. We didn’t have muchContinue reading “Investments”

Day 6.

Today was a good day–not without its challenges, but a good day altogether. I felt fulfilled in my work, present as a parent, and relatively “in control” of my eating and feeling about food. But, as I end this day, I feel that nagging anxiety that I can’t quite figure out. I can feel aContinue reading “Day 6.”

Day 3.

It’s hard this time. I’m noticing that I’m once again sort of sad at the thought that I’m giving up my ED. It’s a weird connection, a grieving process that’s somewhat unexpected. I just feel tired these days, sad to be losing a coping mechanism. Not a good one, but nonetheless my go-to for soContinue reading “Day 3.”