I have always been a decisive person, but I don’t know whether that is necessarily “intuition” or whether I am just quick to know what I like and want, without later regret or overthinking. In our book discussion at that women’s “retreat” last week, we discussed the notion of intuition. Lately, I’ve felt more lost,Continue reading “Intuition”


My therapist has been gently (sometimes not-so-gently) pushing me to consider my friend groups. I have three types of friends, I guess. My “real” friends–the ones I would call if I found out horrible new. My “local” friends–the ones I would call for lunch. And, my “local parent” friends–the ones with kids. There are notContinue reading “Friends”


So, yesterday I wrote about the “women’s retreat” I begrudgingly am participating in with some colleagues (friends?). I wrote that it is uncomfortable and a bit ridiculous, but sometimes feels worthwhile. I’m not going to take that back entirely, but I am going to vent for a minute. Today, we were talking about something inContinue reading “Seriously?”